Tana was born in Nairobi on Valentines day 1986. Her parents called her Tana after a river in Kenya. After studying in Geneva, Paris and Barcelona, she has ended up in the Nice Things design department. Tana loves things that shine, eating alot and not regretting it later, singing Etta James and drawing beautiful prints like the one from our Greetings from Peru collection. This print, inspired by peruvian folk has been such a success that we wanted to show you how and who created it. We took pictures of Tana at her desk while she showed us and talked about her work.



1. What inspires you?

Experience in general. But if i had to highlight something id say colours, especially some like the colour of some fruits like papayas or avocados or when rain clouds turn really dark, they provoke something in me, they make me want to explain/represent how they make me feel.

2. A book

I like short stories, stories by Oscar Wilde or Julio Cortázar.

3. A movie

Singing in the Rain & Out of Africa

4. A place

The shower, its where i think best and most clearly

5. Why did you choose this garment

Because i drew the print! Id wear it every day, to work, to dinner or for a walk with friends.

6. An item for this winter

The rabbit neck coat, for sure!

WW9140_518_4_M WW9039_134_7_M

Discover more items with the pisco sour print here.


3 thoughts on “From another point of view / Tana Latorre

  1. Priscila Samán on

    Linda colección que sintetiza la esencia de mi país, de una forma clásica y a la vez moderna. Gracias!

  2. oh my gosh! I’m so sad I’m just now discovering this shirt because I love it so much! Any chance it will be offered again? It’s spectacular ;)

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