Pepi de Boisseu was born in New York to a French father and an Argentinian mother. Pepi studied Art Direction and Scenography in Buenos Aires, ran a restaurant in Brazil for 3 years and has ended up in Barcelona, where she started her most intimate project: Baba au Rhum. A project that caught our attention from the very first moment that we heard of it.  Pepi says that she works with food as a tool. She develops personal artistic projects as well as projects for brands- (she was in charge of the food at our last inauguration in Paris). She makes food and drink one with the concept communicated at events, she looks to create an experience which appeals to the visual, the sensorial, and to memory-always keeping in line with the appropriate aesthetic. She is essentially looking for the eatable identity of her clients. We, after getting to know how she works, do not want to go back to the traditional form of catering. We went to her studio/apartment in Poble Nou, asked her some questions and took a few pictures with her favorite items from the Vintage Tennis collection.


1. What inspires you?

Everything. A good book, people, a good exposition, a photographs, walking around the streets, going to a market, hearing a conversation, nature…anything can be a starting point to think about something else.

2. What creative process do you follow?

I start by looking for a concept. When I find it, I look for references and imagine a specific world which the same concept has triggered. I try to gather these ideas, give them some coherence and see in what ways they can be leveled with food. Once I have that, I see how I work on the visual presentation and what type of visual language I’m going to tap into.

3. What are your main references? 

I really like the work by Marije Vogelzand and greatly admire the work of Dries Van Noten and Viktor & Rold.

4. A book.

Love in the Time of Cholera.

5. A movie.

The Godfather 1, 2 and 3.

6. A restaurant.

In Barcelona I would say the Sagás. Nice and simple. All the products are things they have either grown themselves or from places nearby.

7. An album.

Joni Mitchell – Blue

8. A clothing item for the summer.

This Tennis dress.

WWA126_501_4_L copia

Find out more about her Baba au Rhum work.

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