Miju Lee was born in Busan, South Korea. A friend of hers told her to come to Barcelona for a visit, and its now 7 years since she’s been living here. Miju was very shy when she first arrived, and that shyness made way for observation from a distance. She liked contemplating the city, the elder women, the tourists, the homeless… And instead of taking pictures or talking to people (both of which she felt much too shy to do), she began drawing everything she saw, felt and imagined. Miju is now an illustrator, painter and ceramic artist and she claims that it’s this city that showed her that she was able to do all of these things. In Nice Things we love everything she does, and if last week we showed one of her pieces in our Art column, today we’ll show you her studio and her favourite clothing items.



1. What inspires you?

Life! When I put my head underwater I feel very inspired.

2. What’s your creative process?

I try different things, enjoying them…. And I prefer silence when I’m working.

3. A book.

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

4. A restaurant.

One thats under my studio in poblenou. I don’t know what it’s called, but it has an authentic bar-around-the-corner atmosphere. Not long ago they had a giant pumpkin and zucchini, from their vegetable garden, I had my picture taken with them-just like a tourist!

5. A movie.

Our Sunhi, by Hong Sang Su.

6. A place.

My studio. 

7. An item for the Winter.

The fox jumper.

8. When would you wear the items you’re wearing in the photos?

On a romantic day! To pick leaves fallen from trees.


2 thoughts on “From another point of view / Miju Lee

  1. Estefanía on

    ¡Me encanta la obra y el estudio de Miju! Y,cómo no, vuestra colección de este Otoño-Invierno, enhorabuena. Coincido con ella en una de las prendas, el maxi cardigan en color turquesa me ha enamorado :)

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