Katia Klein was born in Santander, raised in Barcelona and currently lives in Madrid. She’s an actress, and was one of the stars of Sonata nº16. She started studying acting at 17 and she’s done cinema, television, theatre, modelling… And in her spare time, she paints. She proudly talks about her latest project: Las niñas no deberían jugar a fútbol, a theatre piece in which she wore Nice Things. She also tells us about how she was a client of ours before working with us, which made participating in our film especially exciting for her. When we were going through the casting process to choose our actresses, Katia had us in her first second. In her last visit to Barcelona, we spent a mornign in El Teatre Grec and we took some photographs of her favourite winter items while she excitedly told us about her upcoming projects.


1. What inspires you?


2. How do you create your characters?

The creative process depends on the type of character that I’m going to interpret. I always start from curiosity- to investigate from the other person, how she feels, how she thinks, what clothes she would wear and what she would never wear, what music she would listen to, what her favourite meal is….I ask myself thousands of questions so as to come up with the most accurate image of her as possible.

3. A book.

Ebony- Ryszard Kapuscinkski

4. A restaurant.

The Zahara. A delicious Cuban restaurant in Madrid.

5. A movie.

Murmer of the Heart- Louis Malle

6. A place.

My friend Leticia’s house. When you’re in her garden, it feels as though time has stopped.

7. An item for this Winter.

The Nice Things boots go with everything. They’re super comfortable!WW9022_203_6_MWJ9002_516_3_MWW9122_247_4_MFotoempresas


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