Julie Lansom was born in Montpellier in 1987. This journalist/photographer also designs and makes objects from string and wood. We came across her beautiful hand-made lamps through a friend, and we took advantage of our last trip to Paris to meet her in person and get a closer look at her work. She told us how she had learnt to be crafty from her mother, and how whenever she needed something, the normal way to obtain it would be by making it. About a year ago, Julie needed a lamp for her apartment, but she couldn’t find anything she liked in stores, so she decided to make her own- drawing inspiration from a vintage lamp she had found years before in a street market. Her friends started asking for one, then friends of friends, then friends of friends of friends, then her tables and carpets we born… all in a natural way. She lives off this today, making everything on demand and putting a lot of care and time into each piece. She claims that the hours she spends with her materials is her way of meditating. Julie chose her favorites from the collection and opened the doors to her beautiful apartment in Le Marais De Paris for us, where we spent the morning taking pictures.



1. What inspires you?

Everything. It can be a face, a drawing, a fabric, the pattern of a manhole.  I think inspiration comes in anything and I’m not sure you even realize it when it gets to you.

2. What are your main references?

I didn’t study design and I’m very bad at dropping names. I love the work of so many young and talented photographers! This is why I’ve been working on a serie of books that show their work, the SCROLL books (http://www.scrollbooks.fr/). And I find Lenore Tawney’s work absolutely amazing.

3. A book.

“La vie devant soi”, Romain Gary.

4. A movie.

Recently, “Winter sleep”. The images, the dialogues and the silences are astounding.

5. A restaurant.

The food that my dad cooks.

6. An album.

“Le Monde Möö”, Moodoïd.

7. A place.


10. When and where would you wear this items?

This spring to walk into the parisian jungle!





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