Isabella Killoran was born in London 25 years ago. Born to an Irish father and a Cordovan mother, she studied fashion, which convinced her that she was interested in the field and which also offers her a great degree of freedom to do many things. At the age of three she developed an invisible friend for herself: Gala. She was her favorite playmate, and even today she says that developing characters is the thing that she enjoys the most. She is currently working for Metal magazine and says that her place is in creating, trying things out and experimenting. We have lately been fascinated with her Instagram account, and she is now getting ready to relocate to New York, so we met with her for some tea and a chat about this new stage in her life.



1. What inspires you?
A conversation, a stranger on a train, a colour combination, a moving song….For me it isn’t so much a matter of what you see but how you see it and the importance you can give to the same one thing/idea. I like to observe, to contemplate from a variety of angles that haven’t been as explored as others. I am very much inspired by people as they are, in their way of interacting with reality.

2. What is your creative process like?
Direct and organic. I like to let myself go and create as I get lost in the moment. Drafts, lab tests, spots in mid-air. I enjoy the process of making and creating, to me it isn’t the result that counts- it’s how I live it and tell it.

3. What are your main references?
It isn’t something I think about too much, but now that you bring it up I realize that many of them are powerful women with a message- most of them linked to art: Woodman, O’Keefe, Helena Almeida, Marta Graham, Pina, Vivian Maier.

4. A book.
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

5. A movie.
I really like Chinese and Japanese films, the balance and harmony that they take in. Not long ago I watched “Interiors” by Woody Allen again. It’s perfection. I couldn’t stop hitting Pause and taking screen shots.

6. A restaurant.
I prefer to have dinner at home. But I’ll have a nice cheese and wine any day. For something like this I would suggest Betlem or La Perla de Oro in Barcelona.

7. An album.

I go through phases with music, making a daily soundtrack for my day-to-day. Lately I’ve been quite French. Last week it was all about the Nouvelle Vague, last night I went to sleep to Gainsbourg and today I woke up to Piaf! And if I ever don’t know what to listen to I end up listening to Tiersen on the piano or Vivaldi. It always hits the spot.


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