Marta was born in Portugal in 1984 and she designs prints. She says she views prints as an art form, and she likes to believe that some day her prints will tell a story like the Persian Kilims and they’ll be so beautiful that people will use them as a wall hanging. She studied fashion, then painting, she went to Western Africa drawn by the richness of the artisan printing techniques and recently came back from her jobs in Bangladesh and Pakistan. She hopes that people learn to choose quality over quantity and realizes it’s more important to breathe properly and drink clean water than it is to have a wardrobe full of clothes. She chose her favourite clothing items from our newest collection and we spent the afternoon in Montjuic while she told us about her ideas and projects.



1. What inspires you?

Art. When I feel a creative block I always get out my art books or go to an exhibition…To me, watching Degas ballerinas or a Melies film is a form of meditation, and that allows me to create.

2. A book?

It’s hard to choose just one but I guess it would have to be Anna Karenina. I’m a passionate classic literature reader, mainly romance novels, and this one’s a great classic.

3. A restaurant?

Any traditional tavern that grills fresh fish and has a nice glass of red wine.

4. A film?

The Virgin Spring by Ingmar Bergman.

5. A place?

The ocean

6. Why did you choose these items? Where would you wear them to?

I chose these items because I find them elegant, relaxed and comfortable. I would wear them every day.

7. An item for the winter?

Long, comfortable, basic-coloured jackets.


59.90 €


75.00 €3

105.00 €

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