Not too long ago we spent a morning with Louise and Paloma, the girls from the folk-pop group The Dove & The Wolf, and had a drink on the Montorgueil street in Paris. Having studied cinema and architecture, the decided to start their musical project two years ago. Since then they haven’t stopped: they just got back from Woodstock, NY, where they have completed their newest record, they’re about to release their videoclip and vinyl, and this fall they’ll be on tour for 7 weeks alongside Rachel Yamagata. They answered a few of our questions and chose some of their favorite items.



1. What inspires you

L: People and their stories, music, and places.

P: Cities, landscapes, movies, but mostly music.

2. Why did you chose these garments, when would you wear them?

L: I chose them because the cuts are classy, very confortable and the fabrics are super soft. I really love the print of that shirt and I would wear it whether it’s just to go get coffee or to go out to dinner with friends!

P: I could wear that outfit any day. It’s so comfortable I feel like I’m wearing my pjs, but very beautiful and classy pjs, I love that.

3. A book

L: Women, T.C. Boyle

P: A lover’s discourse: Fragments, Roland Barthes

4. A restaurant?

L: Sanukiya, in Paris

P: Queens Comfort in Astoria (New York)

6. A movie?

L: The Selfish Giant, by Clio Barnard (2013) is probably the movie that moved me the most this past year.

P: The bride wore black, by François Truffaut

7. A place?

L: Cala Carbo, San José, Ibiza

P: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Listen to music by The Dove & The Wolf here.

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